Speculation is fun, but recognition even more so

It would be nice as (Steve H. pointed out) if we got as much attention blogging as ourselves as when we skewer someone else on Huffington's Toast.

I guess that means I'm out of the closet.

UPDATE: Steve just outed all of us.

However, I will not now (perhaps ever) reveal which posts are mine. This has been especially rewarding as I was talking to Steve H. on IM when he conceived of the idea. Looking back a few days later, it's amazing.

Lots of good stuff over there, so be sure to check in often.

Updated constantly!

Things no conservative dares to point out....

Maxim Editor-in-chief is best at writing.

Okay, so some folks are poking fun at the Huffington Post. Personally, I find it wildly amusing. The comedy factor is high and not only in the "celebrity libshit lunacy served up as a free conservative blog-fodder buffet" manner of thinking.

For instance, take Greg Gutfeld. GENIUS. More of a star than Ben Affleck is in his own grievous J-lo-less dreams. This guy should have his own category on the site...

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