Mama chu quote of the day

Because my friend's Mom is stranger than fiction, I am introducing a new daily feature. Think of it as all the wholesome wisdom contained in 5 homogenized lo-carb episodes of Dr. Phil, all carefully crafted into three or fewer bite sized sentences.

If you prefer those days when I don't write, I do too. Actually, if the aforementioned is true -- my heavily armed premenstrual guard shouldn't have admitted you in the first place.

So on to our beloved Mama Chu:

"Why you wear fancy clothes? Why? Who you think you are? Grammar girl?"

Oh sure, Steve the conservative eugenics sperm donor of choice is using the tired old "wrestling another gentleman in a bar, and the phone fell in oil" excuse. Heard that one a million times. The VRWC expects more creative lying.

His next threadbare excuse is likely to be the hackneyed "bumped into the large American "documentarian" Michael Moore and spent the last five days wading through the endless maze of flab, desperate to find either a forgotten corn dog or the light of day."